Quite Storm Lyrics

by Agot Isidro

Looks like stormy weather
It feels like heavy rain
But it really doesn't matter
As long as we're together

Nothing's gonna bother us tonight
Hear the cold wind blowing 
Rain drops falling down the drain 
Tonight's the perfect night 

We're all alone and holdin' tight 
Let it all fall down, Let it rain

It's gonna be a quiet storm tonight 
Thunder and lightnin' rambling on 
As we cuddle up in a warm embrace 
A quiet storm tonight (and it feels alright) 
Rain, rain, please don't go away (don't go away)

We sit and talk for hours As if time was truly ours 
This could go on and on 
'Cuz mother nature's on our side 
Let it all fall down, Let it rain

It's a busy life we're livin' 
Money makes the world go round 
That we forget the lives we have to live 
All caught up in a rat race 
Life in the fast lane 
We need something to cool us down 
And spend sometime for you and me

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