Merry X'mas Lyrics

by Alamid

Merry x-mas to all hungry little children
Merry x-mas to my band and friends
Tears this x-mas won't feed the starving
What is x-mas to you?

Merry x-mas to all victims of war
Merry x-mas they seem to forget
No matter what color red, white, black or
We got children don't you know

Hey just look around you
Twist of faith in the air
Stage of poverty all around us
Does anyone still care?

What about the poor people
Their hearts full of shame
No rice on their table
Just tears and pain

Merry x-mas damn corrupt politicians
For the system, did you do it all for you
I wish this x-mas that you'll change the
Good in you
Coz our life's now in chaos, thanks to you

Merry x-mas to all aborting mothers
Yeah, merry x-mas are you really killers?
Coz your present this x-mas time
For your child the gift of death
Don't you wanna hear your child say I love

The rising sorrow had enough of all this
Is your soul just hollow or are you just
Bone & flesh
Your wish for your tomorrow no more

Sleeping in the streets
Will there be santa claus tomorrow or will
It be mr.greed?

Merry x-mas to all lonely little orphans
Now close your eyes & hope for your wish to
Because on x-mas time wishes do come true
Merry x-mas to you
Merry x-mas to you


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