Ala Paredes

Angela "Ala" Paredes is an Australia-based Filipino environmental activist, commercial model and writer, who at various times in her career was also a TV host, vj, advice columnist, and vocalist for Filipino alternative band Hiraya. Since moving to Australia, she has become one of the correspondents covering Australia for the Philippines' ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs. Paredes graduated from high school in 2000 at the School of the Holy Spirit (SHSQC), a private, all-girls Roman Catholic school inQuezon City. She then moved on to the Ateneo de Manila University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2004. She first ventured into modeling in her junior year in college, doing a commercial for a facial wash, and soon endorsing a clothing line. Initially Ala was perceived to have the advantage of a familiar family name: she is the second daughter of singer Jim Paredes of theApo Hiking Society. But she soon became popular in her own right, taking up social causes just as her father, well known for his advocacies, did before her.

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