American Junk Lyrics

by Apo Hiking Society

Leave me alone to my third world devices 
I don't need your technology 
You just want my natural resources 
And then you leave me poor and in misery 
Third world blues is what I got 
Troubles, yes I got a lot 

(American Junk) 
Get it out of my bloodstream 
(American Junk) 
Get it out of my system 
(American Junk) 
I can only take so much 
(American Junk) 
Gotta get back to who I am 

You call it new music 
I call it pollution 
You music I now see on my television 
(American Top 40) 
Why is it now I can only sing 
In English language that you people bring 
(Da da da da) 
Why is it now that they only 
Play top 40 music on TV and radio

It's been so long since I had 
A glance of what I think I really am


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