BACKDRAFT is a Filipino heavy metal band whose music borders on the "aggressive as well as the progressive." It is composed of Benedict Verzosa on vocals, Mirt Togle on lead guitar, Anton Yap on rhythm guitar, Tyrone Borromeo on bass, and Jigs De Belen on drums. In 1994, Backdraft released their debut album under Neo records, a division of Viva records. Available in the Philippines, it is composed of 10 powerful cuts --- 9 of which are original. Among them are the cult classics "S.M.B.(Sad Mad Ballad)", "Asong Ulol", "Sinungaling", "Dama De Noche", and the remake of the 70's anthem, "Ang Himig Natin". They also released the 90's Pinoy metal anthem "Anak ng Gabi" as part of the compilation album "A Dozen Alternatives" during mid 1994. In 1996, Backdraft released their second album entitled "The Shadowland Deep." Like the first album, it is also under Neo Records. The album is composed of 12 all-original material including "Gorgatz", "La Propaganda", "Empty", and "MotSpeed".