Blown Away Lyrics

by Bamboo

Blown away, It's easier to be your clone
You've done it again,
Nobody's laughing, laughing but you,
Set your changing your spots again

I close my eyes to see, What you've become
A broke man, He fits the part
It's a big surprise you shouldn't tell
Shot in the head you dead, Did nothing wrong this was
Between you and me, so what it gonna be

You yourself you know that it can't be done
You must stand there just look
Pretty underneath a bleeding sun
Clock starts ticking now
How long till the sun comes down

Light, Let me go
For me save me
Let me go
See she's calling light let me go

Is this uncertainty, Has this been all for show
Is the color really me
Slip slide go under trapped in the rabbit hole
She's gone, A burn bit off your tongue

Hooray someone else to blame
I try I've tried but I can't remember
This world this life this perfect picture
When did it start to become this ride

See your changing your spots again
I close my eyes to see
What you've become

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