Banares Brothers

Banares Brothers are brothers born in U.S. but has a “pusong pinoy”. EJ and Brendon are vying to make a name for themselves. Among its influences are the likes of Josh Groban, Michael Bubble, Frank Sinatra and Barry Banilow for the former and Regine Velasquez, Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Celine Dion and Charlotte Church for Brendon. EJ Navarro Banares and Brendon Navarro Banares were born in United States to Filipino parents. Though raised in California, their charity and talents were honed by Filipinos especially their mother, Nanette Navarro Banares. It was their mother who first encouraged them in the performing arts. Their musical inclination started out at an early age of three. As for Brendon, he is more interested in dancing than in singing. Reminiscing their childhood memories, the songs that were first learned to sing were Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star and Barney Song for EJ and Brendon respectively. They were never heard belting high tunes like that of “Wonderful Tonight” and “You Are My Song”. EJ, on his eighth year, started performing together with his brother and went to Performing Arts Center of the Aldeguer Sister. One of the sisters named Teri taught them to perform on stage. And being a great dancer, she also assimilated to them her dancing skills. Their talents in singing and dancing were not just revelation to them or to their parents but also to the American audiences. Since then, the have performed with the Aldeguer Sisters until such time when the brothers have their very own concerts.

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