Baywalk Bodies

Baywalk Bodies is a Filipino group of very sexy, beautiful and talented artists. This bunch of 12 is an all-female singing and dancing group like other all-female groups as Sexbomb and the Hotbabes. Aside from just singing, they were now considered hitmakers with their songs flooded the airwaves. Baywalk Bodies is composed of 12 girls whose names were known as derived from a shampoo or soap brands. They were Jeanette Joaquin, Palmolive Palma, Camy Coangco, Dove de Vera, Rizza Ruiz, Luxx Laurel, Pantene Palomino, Ivory Ibanez, Rejoice Rivera, Hazel Espinosa, Silka Revilla and Irish Ibarra. They were first seen being apprehended by mayor Lito Atienza for scantily clothing at the famous Baywalk on Roxas Boulevard. They said they were doing photo shoot and still being dragged to the police stations. That was nothing but a clever publicity stunt and since then, this Baywalk Bodies became staple in Philippine tabloids. With their singing and dancing abilities, Baywalk Bodies were signed to Alpha Music and was added to the roster of ever growing list of hitmakers. Being witty and liberated, this latest singing-dancing growly, slowly but surely made a mark in local television. Then an issue emerged as another group claiming as the original and the real Baywalk Bodies which eventually disappeared.

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