It all started with an idea of the Soupstar team to form an all-star band that will produce pop songs … “BBS” that stands for ‘Big Band Syndicate’ and would include Rye as the lead guitarist. As the name implies, the band would be composed of big names from the vocals, to the guitars to the drums. This, however, proved to be challenging since an all-star band’s members schedules were hard to arrange to even have an initial meeting. It seemed impossible … Meanwhile, Darwin and Rye kept writing songs for BBS and enjoyed the song creation process … the first one of which was “Bata”. Then this was followed by “Wala na Tayo”, “Pawiin” and more. The two believed in the power of the songs so they decided to continue with this project and just find artists that would give life to the songs. For every song, they handpicked who will be perfect for the vocals, for the guitars, for the bass guitars, the drums and other elements that would complete it. This was the process they underwent in producing their first offering, Ctrl+Alt+Delete+Restart.

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