Party For 2 Lyrics

by Billy Crawford

I got a one track mind
And your on it all the time
I really gotta get with you girl
There's a jam tonight

And you're the one who rocks my world
I hope you show
Cause then you'll know
How far I'll go, baby won't you

Come on in, right this way
Let's get our party going
Check the list, at my door
There's only one mane on it

I will play through the night.
I'll be your private DJ
Always thinking about you
And my one track mind

Is always on rewind - to
Back when I last saw you girl
You said to me
Maybe you'd be free - tonight

You are the one I always wanted,
Just to spend some time alone with
Come and be with me tonight
I, I will wrap myself around you,
There is nothing that I won't do
If you come with me tonight
Come on in, right this way,
There's a party, it's a party for 2

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