Black Wolf Gypsies

Black Wolf Gypsies is a Rock n Roll and Blues band based in Las Pinas, The band was born on August 21, 2010. The band was founded by Mike "Twain" Datu Puangco, Jun Divinagracia, & Gian Sison, in the mission to continue the legacy of Rock n Roll. With a rich background in Rock n Roll & Blues, each member envisioned a return of Rock n Roll in the local Music scene. Diligent and song writing driven Black Wolf Gypsies is here to stay. The name Black Wolf Gypsies was coined after an initial meeting to decide the final name that would best suit the band. “Black” came from one of their favorite bands “The Black Crowes”, “Wolf” came from a fictional creature from the book "A Song of Ice and Fire" called the "Dire Wolf" .and “Gypsies” is used to describe each members lives as musicians. In their first few weeks of playing Gian Sison took an indefinite hiatus due to family matters. Bryan Pernis became the permanent Bass Player as of October 8, 2010. Jb Cesario was joined as permanent Guitar player in December 2012 to accommodate a dual guitar dynamics.  In February of 2012 Black Wolf Gypsies Released an independent full length record called "good morning paranoia". 

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