Can't Say Goodbye Lyrics

by Carol Banawa

So on and on we go 
In a world, where we just don't know 
Will tomorrow be kind
Will you still be mine 
I can't get you out of my mind...

I can't say goodbye 
Can't hear me cry 
Can't ask you why, you left me
You're still on my mind 
Will take some time 
To wonder why, you let me go 

Deep in my heart I know
Can't say goodbye

I'm lost and alone, without you 
I've not been the same since you've gone
Can love survive, in this place and time
Can I come alone for the ride

I, I gave you my all
You broke my heart
But I can't let you go
I don't know
Can't say goodbye

Can't say goodbye, Can't say goodbye
I Can't say goodbye

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