Cattski (born Cattleya Vanessa Espina) is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and an entrepreneur in Cebu, Philippines. She has released four albums, the self-titled debut “Cattski” (2001), “Vacuum My Inside” (2004),“Sound Mind Speaks Volumes" (2009) and "Zero" (2012). Cattski came from a group of her namesake yet disbanded in the year 2010 after ten years of shared music and performances. In order to pay tribute to the band, she then released an anniversary compilation album, "Cattski Ten" (2010) which took off her transition as a solo artist. Some of Cattski’s production work includes the first album “I’m Not Sure What To Say But I’ll Say It Anyway” of Cebuano pop band, Wonggoys; a single dubbed “Life to Live” for I Can Serve Foundation performed by the Wonggoys; the debut album of new 22 Tango artist, Ella Melendez; and the collaboration album “Kismet the Singles” with Ian Zafra where she served as co-producer. Cattski is also the sole proprietor of an established independent record label called 22 Tango Records which already is home to 11 artists and has 15 released albums.

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