Craeons are the 5-piece Filipino rock band. Current members: Elisette “Casper” Blancaflor (vocals) Raymond del Rosario (lead guitarist) Paolo Domingo (guitarist) Jino Manalo (bassist) Jerome Abello (drums) CRAEONS is a relatively young band formed in mid May 2005. Raymond Del Rosario and Casper Blancaflor were introduced to each other, and discovered that they share a common interest in forming a band. Raymond then introduced her to his college band mates, namely Paolo Domingo, Leo Tagle and Jemuel Dalino. Soon after, they began jamming and rehearsing the compositions of Raymond and Casper and finally decided to try their luck and submit a CD demo containing four of their original compositions to SONY BMG. 3 months later, the band experienced a major setback when Leo (bassist) and Jemuel (drummer) had to leave for personal reasons. With no bassist and drummer, the three remaining band members were beginning to lose hope. It was then that Paolo introduced his high school band mates Jerome Abello and Jino Manalo to Raymond and Casper, with the hope that all will turn out well. With a new lineup of members, and a successful audition with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, CRAEONS formally signed a recording contract with the top label _disibledevent="12">December 7, 2005. CREAONS is currently being managed by FIRE DOG Artist Management. The band’s music is a fusion of their individual musical preferences, such as alternative rock, funk, grunge, new metal rock, rock and roll, jazz and blues. The band defies categorization because they are not partial to any particular genre.

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