Cris Villonco

Cris Villonco (full name: Anna Cristina Siguion-Reyna Villonco) is a Filipino performance artist whose credits include performances in theater, television, film, album recordings, music videos, and advertisements. She is currently associated with Repertory Philippines. Villonco's singing career began when she was only nine years old, prodded by her grandmother, showbiz industry crusader and former MTRCB chief Armida Siguion-Reyna. She "first gained public attention with her sweet voice and wholesome image," but then "easily established a reputation as a young ingenue-from singer to actress with élan."  In 2000, she was featured in TIME Magazine (International Edition) as a Hero For The Planet. Villonco had her first solo concert Cris at Dish in August 2003, a year which also saw the release of her third album for Viva Records. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in May 2006, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree with concentrations in Music, and Economic Development. In 2007, she worked for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue Manila and Asia Society Philippines. Recently, Cris has returned to theatre performance, gaining acclaim in such roles as Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof and Ophelia in Ana Abad Santos-Bitong's steampunk-influenced take on Hamlet, for Repertory Philippines.

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