Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander is a singer-songwriter and musician originally from the Philippines. Her music infuses prose-poetry and haunting melodies with indigenous Philippine and Asian rhythms. She has performed on many international stages including the Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia, the Jack Daniel’s World Music Tour in Singapore and the Southeast Asian Night Market Festival in New Zealand. She also played gongs and bass on world tours (India, U.S., Japan, Canada) with Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad. As an indie artist, she has released four award-winning albums, and is involved in a wide variety of music projects. She composed the eclectic musical score for the acclaimed Ballet Philippines production Wagas, for which she fused electronic, industrial, indigenous, contemporary and pop elements into a cohesive musical narrative. Cynthia is known for her innovation in pushing the limits of genre and exploring new forms of musical expression. Her songwriting evokes Joni Mitchell and Ani DiFranco. Cynthia’s solo debut album Insomnia & Other Lullabyes was released in 1997. She was awarded for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album at the Katha Music Awards in 1998. Her album Rippingyarns (2000) won Album of the Year, Best Alternative Music Album, Best Album Design and Producer of the Year (with Maly Andres) at the Katha Music Awards. She was also awarded Best Guitarist and Best Producer (with Angee Rozul) at the NU 107 Rock Awards for her third album, “Comet’s Tail” (2005). In 2009 she released a live album, Walk Down the Road, to commemorate a decade of songwriting. Cynthia is also a visual artist and was the ad hoc curator of the Conspiracy Walls arts space in Manila. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

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