Datus Tribe

Datu’s Tribe was formed in UP Los Baños in the wake of Motion: Battle of the Bands, a music competition sponsored way back in 1989 by the UP Chi Epsilon Sorority. Although the event itself did not produce any worthwhile group to speak of, it did give the school community the unique opportunity to see the best individual music talents on campus. A few months after the competition, newer and better bands began to form. These groups eventually laid down the foundations for what was to become the alternative band scene in UPLB and foremost in the group of fledgling talents was the starving-artist band, Datu’s Tribe. Retired: Dax “Maxximum Biodaxx” Padiernos & Mark “Dr. Kram L’avon” Noval New Drums: Paolo "Octopao" Delarama But that’s not all! Add a new full-length album in the works, the local rock music scene gearing up for resuscitation, the country’s socio-economic development indicators at an all-time loveable low, and it appears that the band’s resurrection couldn’t have come at a more desperately opportune time.  Rest easy, ye dead-at-a-young-age-through-suicide musicians! DATU’S TRIBE IS ALIVE AGAIN! Vocals: Eric “Ngirbac Arerbac” Cabrera Gitara: Del “DelVis PressMe” Visperas Bass: André “DarakStar" O'Malley Drums: Paolo "Octopao" Delarama