DOTFB Lyrics

by Dicta License

Once again
Nurtured by a heavy hand
The pen glides across the paper
Leaving the marks reflecting thoughtlessness
Nevertheless, this artist of ruins
Collecting, assembling words
Like warriors on the front line
Raise the flag, advance and
Chant the songs of freedom
Bring forth the majesty and artistry
Into this kingdom
Dicta License
Descendants of the Firstborn
On a mission to proceed elimination of delusion
Words stem from small cracks and fissures on the pavement
Experience the wonder of this microphone engagement
That I spill to you like water to nourish your soul
Let the music take control

I am drenched in this heavy rain
But you call on me
Saving me, sweet innocent child
I'm never letting go of this pain
I'm feeling it
I got to believe 'coz this is for you

Now to this call
I seek, I find
I rummage the mind,
Reply with lyrics swaying oceans to rise
And overflow
To cover up the land of masses
Seeping though soil, dirt and ashes
Forgotten promises have crippled our trust
No longer willing to risk emotion
But believe it I must
In time, from far away, this lines will echo in your mind
Eyes deep like oceans
Let the music take control

Forward now
Come forward with me

We are the descendants of the Firstborn
Into the light of the stage we bring in reform
We are the descendants of the First
I clench the mic
Bring it to you live in freedom

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