Ernville, one of the latest bands to try out their luck in the OPM scene, is now ready to share their brand of music much to the excitement of music fanatics. Ernville was one of the 13 bands to make it to the grand finals of the 2007 Nescafe Soundskool Battle of the College Bands. Infecting the crowd with their charms, the band bagged the Texters’ Choice Award at the said competition. Since then, Ernville has performed on various productions and went on to discover new influences leading them to shake things up, music-wise. In 2009, Ernville was handpicked to represent the Philippines in Converse’s Asian campaign. Their song, “Gator Rocks”, was chosen as the official anthem of Converse Team Philippines during the brand’s Asian tour. Given complete creative control over their music, Ernville recently released their debut album, “Greatest Hits”. The album will showcase songs guaranteed to be Ernville’s greatest hits. “Greatest Hits” is under Soupstar Music with the carrier single, “The Oracle”. “The Oracle” has entered the Pinoy Myx Countdown, peaking at number 10. Using their music to vent out their passions, the band hopes to bring people to that happy place known as Ernville. Manny on the bass  Jim on the vocalist  Cholo on a drum Ernest singing lead guitarists.

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