Never call it quits. Over the past years since the band started, dozens of songs written, a number of gigs, hundreds of hurdles and 3 front woman changes, Faintlight is still here here to stay. Ever so resilient & persevering, the band keeps getting hit with shit but just keeps on going, rolling, hoping, practicing, writing, and overcoming it all. The band's debut album is truly a by-product of the band's unimaginable journey. After being busy recording the debut album, the band is pre-occupied working on play-through videos on Youtube, producing music videos, playing gigs in & out of the city, organizing events and writing songs for the 2nd album. Portfolio of shows played include Sonicboom Shockwave 2012, 2013 & 2014(Cebu), Rakrakan Festival (2013), Bazooka Rocks (2013), UP Fair (2014) and the list goes on...

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