In The Name Of Love Lyrics

by Geneva Cruz

I still remember the day 
We first met 
There was love all around you and me 
You gazed at me Like the morning sun 
Shining through my life 
But seasons change 
Turned the sun into rain 
And love was gone 
Now we can't hold on

I did everything in the name of love 
I did everything But the fight goes on and on 
I tried to give in
 But you keep on breaking my heart 
Can't we just stop! 
Make it right (this time) In the name of love, 
In the name of love

I can't remember 
The last time you said 
You will love me forever and ever 
If this is true We should make it last 
And start over again 
We need to change 
No more pride and the pain 
You'd understand me 
As I understand you

In the name of love, 
In the name of love, 
In the name of love... 

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