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Giniling Festival traces its roots in U.P. Diliman, following the university’s hallowed rock tradition of producing unique and remarkable acts. With a distinct sound that fuses good old rock n’ roll, pop, alt-rock, and bluesy heavy metal with a wry sense of humor, and with an explosive stage presence marked by tight musicianship, the group quickly gained a cult following in the rock scene as a solid live act that always puts on a show. With their acclaimed 2007 debut release under renowed indie label Terno Recordings, the band continued to make an impact in the Pinoy rock scene, resulting in even more high-profile gigs (both in the metropolis and out of town), greater media exposure via TV, radio, and magazine appearances, and a bigger fanbase. Now, with the release of their much-awaited sophomore album "Makamundo", the band is ready to take its music to higher plateaus amidst the changing landscape of the industry, as they utilize the power of the Internet and social media to reach out to their fans, both old and new, in ways that few mainstream artists have done before. And with tens of thousands of hits and likes on their website and Facebook page, it definitely looks like their master plan is working.

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