Gino Padilla

Gino Padilla was one of the country’s top pop icons in the 80’s. His first album, entitled “Shifting Gears”, made him famous during the time. As a matter of fact, “Closer you and I”, one of the songs in Gino’s Shifting Gears, won the Awit Award as record and song of the year (the year the album was released). His album was certified platinum. He bade goodbye to his recording career in the mid 90’s. When he finally decided that he would not leave the music industry, Gino had a hard time from staging a comeback as a singer. Luckily, his cousin, Zsa-Zsa Padilla, helped him to get this comeback. His first appearance in the Philippines again after a long time was in a Zsa-Zsa Padilla concert. But, as expected, this would not really pump up that much Gino’s career. Fortunately, Megastar Sharon Cuneta helped Gino with his album named “Hands of time” which was released last 2007. Sharon Cuneta produced this album for Gino. The album was a great hit. It was in demand in the whole country. This album made him famous once again. Up until now, Gino continues to woo people through his concerts and compositions.

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