Greyhoundz is a Filipino nu metal/rap metal band formed in the late 1990s which gained international recognition and is currently based in Manila, Philippines. Greyhoundz was formed in 1997 by cousins Niño and Audie Avenido who at first just wanted to join a local battle of the bands contest together with other bandmates that included Allen Cudal. The contest was canceled so they opted to audition at the now defunct Club DREDD that was based in Manila. They later recruited Reg Rubio, who was from another band that also played at Club Dredd and TJ Brillantes came on board shortly after. Unfortunately on the 6th of May 2004, Allen Cudal died from a car accident. Many followers of the band were shocked during the sudden passing of Cudal. 2004 Pulp SummerSlam, was the last time that fans were able to watch the band in their complete line up. Despite the tragic event, as a sign of respect for their late band mate, the group now performs as a 4-piece band rather than hiring a new member. The name “Greyhoundz” was borrowed from the former band of Audie Avenido’s father. Members:      Reg Rubio Niño Avenido TJ Brillantes Audie Avenido

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