Hagibis was a famous Filipino rock band, a macho-man group in the spirit of The Village People hailing from the Philippines. A Pinoy band of the '60s, '70s and '80s who contributed to the evolution of the Pinoy Rock Music as well as the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) phenomenon such as the Hotdog, Juan dela Cruz Band, Banyuhay ni Heber, APO Hiking Society, Boyfriends, VST and Company, Asin and many others. Hagibis band was formed in Manila, Philippines in the late '70s. The Hagibis group composed of Bernie Fineza, Mike Respall, Sonny Parsons, Joji Garcia and Mon Picazzo. Mike Hanopol was the teacher and songwriter of Hagibis. Best known for their macho image and their equally macho songs: Katawan, Lalake, among others. The all male singing group rose to fame in the '80s with macho, dashing and good looking members. One of them is Sonny Parsons who went on to become an action star. The Hagibis members made action movie in 1981 Legs Katawan Babae with Myrna Castillo, Laarni Enriquez, Dinah Dominguez, Val Iglesias, directed by Tony Ferrer. Past members:     Bernie Fineza Joji Garcia Sonny Parsons Mon Picazzo Mike Respall

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