You Can Make It Happen Lyrics

by Heart Evangelista


You got a dream and
You make your move
You got the feeling, 
You got the groove
You got the will
And gotta make it through

You got the power
To make a stand
You got the mind
To understand
You got the time
You got the chance
In your hands

So, you hold on to your dream
'Cause you can make it happen
And though far it may seem
You know it's surely comin
You don't give up the fight
You brave it through the night
For a new day will dawn
To show you the light

You Got the faith
To run the race
You know the path
You set the pace
You got his light above
To guide your way

You see the rainbow
Through the rain
You see the prize beyond the pain
You know the test
Is but a part of the game

You may stumble and grow weary
You may fall along the way
Get up and don't give up
It's ok

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