It's a crime Lyrics

by Hilera

Oh It's a crime , It's a crime

Not to tell the truth

Even if the truth cares you,

Oh It's a crime , It's a crime
To tell a lie

Even if the lie makes you


Oh It's a crime , It's a crime
To be who you are,

That will follow orders,

Coz who you are is the light in the day you die
If you don't follow orders

Who you are, What you are 
Who you are, It's time

It's a crime, to tell the truth when you lie
It's a crime, to say goodbye
Coz no one ever see's you when you die


Take a line, who's will die
It's turn to its time, Turning things to all this time 
So don't be same as insane
That what I would say, oz one things say it anyway

It'a crime, It's a crime
I'll say it one more time, It's Crime
Coz I'll never be, You'll never be 
In what you gonna


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