Ball and Chain Lyrics

by Il Nomine Patris

I'm running on empty now
Technology infiltrates somehow
It's getting harder to move around.
Better off by water or else be drowned

Where have all my brothers gone?
The world's caught in a whirlwind
My option is to run.
I hear the sirens and the K-9's bark
They'll find me even when I'm in the dark.

Do you know where my son is?
The bullets fly but they all miss.
Where have all my comrades gone?
The world's caught in a whirlwind
and I'm close to gone

This warden bully caught my back and brought me back to jailhouse ground.
This ball is once again connected to my ankle chain.
A thought came to me. I had to refrain
I'd rather be in sweet asylum

I'm running on empty now/ technology infiltrates somehow.
Digging holes in a barren dessert, the ball and chain's weight on me.
I see the pistol on the watchers waist / I think I saw this exactly in a dream
His life was my prayer, guarding my being, my body and soul

Other watchers aiming rifles at me/ I knew already where we were to go.
We eased our way into the bus!!!

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