Conscience Lyrics

by Il Nomine Patris

We took back what was ours Claimed it with disregard for everything it stood for because they took it from us
We made them suffer the way they made our loved ones

This throne I now sit in I feel no guilt
The souls I shook up to get here are not enough for all the blood that was spilled.

You think it's a shame where I came from I learned all that I could
If I were thrown to the pit I'd go even further down I'd rise the sam way again and start with you!!!

Don't look at me that way Your eyes
I won't feed the farm hogs for two weeks straight
Then, I'll cut you up real good that won't leave a trace(when I feed them)

I'll keep you alive just for that wish to come true
You gotta kill me first but that you cannot do
you still need something from me
I'll hurt but won't kill you
I bet you'll be the first to hang from a tree.

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