II. Brimstone: Rebuilding Lyrics

by Il Nomine Patris

We'll be ready to go for direct solutions
It's embedded that we're here for revolution!!!

This army is ready for anything that will come our way.
We trained hard and well. We'll stab you with this blade. This is just another day.

Whether the sun is rising or the day is dawning, our teeth be grinding. We're waiting for (our) adversary
We're starting to see now, since we've out of the Brimstone pit that his words mean shit.

We now realize the truth are all lies. We're on the defensive but now we're on the offensive
We'll eat them alive. They got nowhere to hide. Who instigates? We're the monster you created.

I was just a speck in society. It was addressed with finality.
We were just a speck in society It was addressed with finality.

We were exiled to that place where outcasts go.
We we're not even a statistic. Our name, no one knows.
A messiah lurks from the ashes Wipe the dirt off our faces
This place they call Brimstone, we won't forget our traces.

Leave no prisoners behind
All resources we shall gather
Gather all armaments
Our troops, we shall muster

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