Limbo Doesn't Exist Lyrics

by Il Nomine Patris

The mob is marching and the rage is on
They're coming to your town It'll be a dark day for you
You tried pushing them over the edge
You should've well done it (be)cause they'll paint your fortress red.


You promised them a better quality of life
They still hear those words. They're boiling inside
(You) didn't listen (They) put their faith in you
(You) shake up the system Yeah! That's what you do

Your empire is going down today
All of your slaves will wither and go away
The mob will put your wife's head on a stick
Rape your daughter and crush your son's skull to a pulp with bricks


The masses, you dominate
The minds, you infiltrate
The truth you fabricate
The orders you dictate

It's time for a change time to rearrange
The old ways and face a new day

Something must be done I see you want to run
but you are to stay and face them

You will feel every inch of their inner wrath
You destroyed everything in their past

You heard their spouses cry
The child inside their children died.

All our tears have fallen We cried out our hearts but still you wouldn't listen.

People were asking for a chance but you just kept us in a trance
Promises were empty as well
Limbo doesn't exist NOW YOU"RE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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