The Domino Effect Lyrics

by Il Nomine Patris

I hate to feel what's real I was grilled into doing things against my will.
Whenever I recall, my spine runs a chill.
I chose/ to go about my own but these shadows keep on following me home
I search for my son who I once held dearly in my arms.

Everything I lived for and believed in was taken to the system I once had faith in and trusted.
forces I could not control
I don't know where I should go to now.

I long for a greater power that'll help me but now he doesn't seem to care so where should I seek refuge and run to now?

Many a time my peace of mind was obscured, not blind I had to go on.

Despite these things which bothered me day and night I knew all there was left to do was fight.

I shut down these emotions over time, I feel this way. For over time, I do, I know I'll see another day. 

Not even a dictator whose head shines brightly for the people

His Excellency’s paranoia has reached new heights. / He wants all the…

…sitting to be unseated./ The common folk to be mistreated. The establishments to be weakened NOW!!!

I never really gave it much thought until I climbed the highest hill and saw the city.

I saw we were all situated like dominoes. We will all get affected if one falls down.

Where do I go from here? Have I even reached the start?

How dare he compare our lives to dominoes he plays.

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