Imbue No Kudos

The Definition: IMBUE [im-byoo] - To inspire or influence thoroughly. NO [noh] - Used to express refusal, denial, disbelief or disagreement. KUDOS [koo-dohz] - a statement of praise or approval; accolade; compliment. Never has a band made so much impact in the local scene with the kind of mesmerizing, heavy sound it creates, and this generation has Imbue No Kudos to thank for this absolution.  Formed in Olongapo City sometime in 1999, current members, Betong, AJ, Jem, and Earl, met in high school—rooting the compact sound they have stapled to their band’s image early on. Ex-guitarist, Darwin Alcazar, joined the band the same year and left for personal reasons in 2011. Possessing a phenomenal skill of playing the guitar and bass, AJ took over Darwin’s post and elevated the band’s sound into dizzying heights. An avid supporter of the band since their debut album was released; Vinz replenished the band’s roster as the new bassist after auditioning for the role AJ left.