Isabel Granada

Isabel Granada (born March 9, 1976, in Manila) is a Filipina actress and singer of Spanish-Filipino descent. As an actress, she made her first appearance in the TV series Villa Quintana, broadcast on he GMA Network.In 2013 she is back on ABS-CBN. Granada is the daughter of a Filipino chief marine engineer father Humberto Granada and a Spanish homemaker mother named Isabel Villarama, also known as Mommy Guapa (Guapa is the Spanish word for "beautiful"). She is fluent in Tagalog, Spanish and English. Her father died in 1995. Her mother did not approve of nor attend Granada's marriage to Geryk Genasky Aguas, a councillor in Pampanga. She and her husband now live in Ángeles City. Her career started after auditioning for That’s Entertainment in 1986, where she became a member of the Tuesday group. She recorded an album with songs like “Crush Na Crush Kita” (You are Really My Crush) and “Di Na Bale” (Never Mind). After joining the cast of Ikaw Na Sana Granada became part of the drama series on ABS-CBN entitled Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka co-work with Judy Ann Santos. In 2008, Granada played the role of Elena Valderama in the remake of Kaputol ng Isang Awit with co-star Glaiza de Castro and Lovi Poe, recently[when?] shown on the GMA Network. She also appeared in the romantic comedy drama Philippine remake Lalola. In 2009, she was one of the guest stars in the Philippine adoption of Zorro. But as of 2013 she joined It's Showtime's Bida Kapamilya Celebrity Round with her Kapamilya's and she is back and working again on ABS-CBN via Got to Believe along with Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and with her same generation co actresses Carmina Villaroel and Manilyn Reynes. In 2008 Granada acted opposite troubled actor-producer Stegath Dorr in the film Pirate's Blood, for which she did not receive her contractual fee. In Autumn of 2012 Dorr would complain in an interview with GMA Radio Live in Lahug, Cebu City that he had been the victim of stalkers and harassment due to his brief onscreen association with Granada. Dorr would describe frantic late-night visits to Mabolo Police Station and the Tourism Police as fruitless, although in his words one Baguio stalker "was clearly a maniac". Dorr has publicly expressed remorse at his inability to convince the producers of Pirate's Blood to pay Granada in his GMA interview in Lahug, Cebu. He has furthermore claimed that obsessed fans of Granada caused him "extreme terror and distress", stating that he "barely knew the woman" and regrets his lingering association with her. Pirate's Blood has long been available in bootleg and pirated versions according to Dorr, but cannot be exhibited theatrically as a result of the fee owed to Granada. In 1998 Granada released the album Out Here on My Own and in 2000 she released In the Mood for Love.

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