Farewell Lyrics

by Jay-R

Funny how time flies
Though I've been with you a while
Seem like yesterday
Vividly remember that first day
Guess time don't mean a thing
Thought that we would be forever
Now you're leaving me forever
But what about the ring that I gave you
And what about your love for me
Guess you gotta do what you gotta do

But who am I gonna call on
When I'm alone
And if you leave all the things that can go wrong
And what if this long distance relationship don't work
What are we gonna do
What are we gonna do
Because I don't wanna lose you

Should we say farewell
And wish each other a good life
When you can't stay with me
And I don't wanna leave
There's no compromise
How can our love survive
We might as well say our last goodbyes

Don't mean to make you cry
But the truth can't be denied
That I can't see your face
And we'll just be wasting time
Let's leave the past behind
And lets not make this any harder that it has to be
Wish you love and all success
You were better than the rest
But I can't take this any longer

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