Our Love Lyrics

by Jay-R

As time passes by
Girl we’ve had our ups and downs
But there’s one thing I know
To be certain
Girl we’ve really got sweet love
The problems we’ve over come
Make us stronger everyday
As we wake to the morning sun
It gives me one more chance to say
That I really love you girl
And with you my heart will stay
And there’s one thing that I know
Can’t be taken

We got our love
We got our love
We got this love
It’s the only thing that life dreams of
As day slips slowly slowly into night
Oh how our youth just fades away
Don’t you know we’ll be
Walking hand in hand baby
Oh together on life’s highway
Cause I’ll never leave this love
It’s the best thing that I’ve known
I wouldn’t pass you up
And you will never be alone
I’m so in love with you
You’re the reason why I breath
This is the one thing that I know
Can’t be taken

It’s the only things that life dreams of
I dreamed of true love
It’s the only thing life dreams of
Then I found you
And there’s nothing more I need
Cause you’re everything I’ve ever hoped for
I’m so glad that

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