Just For That Moment Lyrics

by Jimmy Bondoc

Just for that moment
I saw the girl in my mind
Just for that night
I found the soul I'll never find

I've been loving
A lady I've never been seen
A women created
In land I've never been

Just for that moment
I felt what love should be
Just for that night
I understand the poetry
Of every romantic
Who tried to write of love
But love on this earth fade
Like the comets up above

Comets coming
Lovers lending
Sunset sending
Momentary light
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the love I saw
That night

Just for that moment
The emptiness was gone
Felt like the night is over
Making way for dawn
I've been living
In a dreaminess night
Sky of shooting star
But without a star in sight

That night to
Oh darling I've been dreaming

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