Safe Place Lyrics

by Jimmy Bondoc

If you’ve been livin’ a life
With a dreamer, in the mirror
Who sees the world through the eyes of a redeemer
You may have seen the tears in his eyes
Many times when he cries
When he sees how far it is to the skies

If you’ve been livin’ your days
Tryin’ to listen, to the children
And tried to look at the world that they envision
You may have seen the place once or twice
In between all your cries
And seen the land on which the safest place lies

Some people spend lifetimes lookin’ for a safe place on land
Here, free from the world they build their castles of sand
But then one night the waves start calling
And all your childhood dreams start falling
Time has a way
Of taking things away
From your hands
So when the safe place of your world falls apart
You must gather all the memories
And build the safest place in your heart

If you’ve been livin’ your life 
Finding reasons, for your visions
And sailed the oceans beyond the deep horizons
You may have seen that all oceans end
Where you started my friend
Back in your heart you’ll find yourself once again

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