Wish You Were Mine Lyrics

by Jimmy Bondoc

The moment that I looked in your eyes, I knew 
I'd never be free from you
I'm trapped in a spell 
Like a coin in a well
But the difference is I willingly fell

But then I saw a man come to hold your hand
Why fate does this I don't understand
If you have him to hold 
Then I should have been told 
Now my heart is out alone in the cold

Oh my faith in love is shaken 
Every time I fall, shes taken
Can you stop my heart from breakin'
In two?
Girl I dont want to awaken 
From this dream coz I've forsaken
The reality that's makin'
Me blue
That I'll never have you 
(Wish you were mine)
I'll never have you
(Wish you were mine today)
I'll never have you
(Wish you were mine)
I'll never have you
(Wish I could have my way)

The moment that I looked at the facts, I found 
That I have to come back down to the ground
If I didn't have a soul 
I would lose all control 
Make you mine to make my broken heart whole

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