Jinky Vidal

Jennifer Barlis Vidal- Suzara is a Filipina singer. She is commonly named as” Jinky Vidal”, the superb vocalist of the famous Filipino band, the Freestyle. Aside from her active participation in the band, she released her self-titled debut solo. Jinky Vidal was born on December 29 and a native from Davao City. This Capricorn has attended her last phase of education at Ateneo de Davao. She eventually became a Suzara when married to one of her bandmates, Tat Suzara. She has lost a baby already and was in crucial decision whether to make another one or get back to work. Jinky Vidal was first seen as the female vocalist and one of the founding members of now-famed Filipino band Freestyle, together with other 4 talented musicians including Tat Suzara. The band was formed in Davao City on 1996. Freestyle went on, released albums and continued playing gigs in different venues and places across the country. After the accident of losing her first baby, Jinky gathered all her energies to get back to work as soon as possible. The outcome happened to be this solo recording. This proved to be therapeutic for the couple since they have more time spent to be with each other. Jinky wanted to experiment that will benefit not only for herself but also for her band. And through the album, she paved way for her brighter future and of course, the reputation of the band is still respected. But she clarifies that she is not going to leave the band. The album bore the name of the artist, Jinky with 13 tracks in it. It was officially launched under Viva Records on December of 2005. Her husband produced the album and was assisted by Eugene Villaluz as Supervising Producer and Vic and Vincent del Rosario as the Executive Producers. Other helping hands on the solo album are Melvin Morallos, Ronnie Salvacion as the photographer, fashion stylist Noel Manapat and make-up artist Juan Sarte. Of course, needless to say, her bandmates are there collaborating for the success of the album. They have given their 100 percent support to this once-in-a-lifetime recording. They have shared a considerable part as back-up singers of her 5 songs out of 13 and they helped promote the album as well as Jinky will be there present to promote the album of the band.

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