Join The Club

It was in 2001 when the young lads from Valenzuela, started a band that was named from a misheard lyrics of a foreign punk band song, Biboy Renia (vocals, guitars), Congie Lulu (bass), and Migs Mendoza (guitars, vocals, synthesizer). Join The Club played in the range of punk horde in the cities of Valenzuela, Quezon City, Pasay, Pasig, Bulacan, and others parts of Metro Manila.  Initially the band’s drummer is Louie Dela Cruz then changed to Pao Santiago, Biboy and Migs’ fellow music college buddy in the College Of The Conservatory Of Music at the University Of Santo Tomas. Join The Club then replaced their drummer by their colleague Brian Lotho. The band released their first studio recorded audio demo, “Join The Club E.P.” It was recorded at Wombworks Recording Studios in Marikina piloted by the eminent Louie Talan. Their song “Mahiwaga” is also included on the compilation “Full Volume” released by EMI Philippines.  Band Members: Biboy Renia - Vocals/Guitar Congie Lulu - Bass Migs Mendoza - Guitar/Vocals/Synths