After the disbanding of acclaimed Filipino band Orange and Lemons (ONL), Mcoy Fundales formed a new group along with former ONL band mates and brothers Ace and JM Del Mundo that would accompany him in his next musical excursion. Mcoy also tapped the talents of fellow musicians hailing from his home province of Bulacan (a province just a few miles north of Manila, Philippines) to play gigs using the group moniker - KENYO (short for "Bulakenyo," which is what people from Bulacan are called). Kenyo's potential was immediately recognized that it was soon signed under major label Universal Records, Philippines. They released a trippy-musical scrapbook of sorts in their first project album called Radio Surfing that features their own take and unabashed interpretation of pop and OPM hits on Philippine radio during the 1980's. Kenyo's second album is called Maharlika. This time, the group dishes out zestful music and their own special sound to match Mcoy Fundales' honest lyricism and playful poetry. Kenyo's affinity towards the sweet sound of the past and edgy musical approach makes the band a thrilling experience on its own.