We Could Have It All Lyrics

by Lani Misalucha

We could tumble like a weed in the wind,
Or we could scatter like the leaves in a storm,
Or we could stand like an oak,
And laugh at the joke
That the love we had is gone.

We could buckle like a bridge made of tin,
And we could shatter like a house made of glass,
Or we could stand like a rock,
And whether the shock,
And try to make it last.

And give each other love ev'ry day,
A little goes a long, long way;
And we could have it all,
And we could have it all again.

Or we could crumble like a castle of sand,
And fade and wither like a rose on a vine,
Or we could stay with the dream,
Though lost it may seem,
And try a second time.

You stumble and you fall,
You're out of your losses,
You'll gather your forces,
And you try again.

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