Loop is an Iligan-based band comprising of 4 sexy ladies namely Kim, Micmic, Jc and Jp. The band started in early June when their vocalist (Kim) came back home from a 5-month stay in a far-away place, long enough to realize she needed to be back in the music scene. When she decided to form a band, the three other sexy girls were who she had in mind to be working with.  The frontlady  Kim has diverse influences in music. From quiet to loud, her list of favorites cling on, balancing both types. However, Kim has managed to create more on the softer side of it.  The Riffs Loop's guitarman, Micmic. Sometimes labeled as the sound technician, the ear, the master. In times when he doesn't pick up the guitar, he tinkers a lot with computers and audio editing software or God knows what else he can do. As Kim creates a softy, Micmic is the mastermind for the crunch of songs to balance it all. After all, he is a Libra.  The Bass Machoman Jp is slapper in his former band, Drunkenstein. He usually revolves around the feel of funkrock and the likes. What others don't know is he's a fan of Jack Johnson and he writes songs of both genre. He has a pizzaplace in his home and everyone who gets to see him around asks for pizza from him. The Sidestick Jc has been doing solid hits ever since the Defnet era (2006?). But really, aside from finding it easy to play with the metronome and speed, he contributes a lot of guitar riffs too for the band! 

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