Love Anover

Love Añover also known as Reyna ng Kalsada (Queen of the Road), she is one of GMA 7's most recognizable personalities because of her witty traffic reports at Unang Hirit. She hosts several other shows like, Lovely day and Love Life. She also released a self-titled album in 2004. Love or Lovella Basibas Añover was born on February 21, 1976 in Alang-alang, Leyte. Her parents are Jose G. Añover and Lydia B. Añover and she has three other siblings - Loiue, Leanie and Liway. in 1988 she completed her elementary studies at Lingayon Elementary School in Leyte before moving to Manila where she studied at Victorino Mapa High School and graduated in 1992. Her family, despite lacking of financial support, still urged her to continue higher education. She then took up college at The Polytechnic University of the Philippines finishing AB Filipino, minor in Mass Communication in 1997. During her college days they were required to intern at the Probe Team and when she graduated she became a Senior Producer, Reporter, Writer, Editor, Production Assistant for the same show from 1997-2003. Until now she still remains to be very grateful to Cheche Lazaro for the opportunity she gave her. Her stint at the Probe Team lead to several other opportunities - hosting her own show, a comedian, a recording album and of course her quirky morning show gig as a traffic reporting. Moving to Manila, she first only dreamed of working as a saleslady and even thought of becoming a domestic helper. Her career plans changed when she interned at the Probe Team where she became a production assistant and eventually a segment host. Before being discovered, however, she works as a fish vendor in order to support her family. Love was offered to join the then hit sitcom Kool Ka Lang. She initially refused but then agreed to join the show in 2001. Shortly after her acting debut, she decided to leave the show and focused on her career as a journalist. Then in 2002, she became a segement host on Front Page. She reported the weather forecast for a couple of months and later reported stories on the segment Buenas Balita and Everything! (Good News and Everything!). Also in 2002, she became the traffic reporter for Unang Hirit, with her funny antics, she soon found her place among the masses TV screens every morning not only to hear the news about traffic but to deliver funny jokes and her catch phrase "...And Everything" from Monday to Friday. On the same year until 2004, she also became a reporter on a radio program called Saksi sa Dobol B, a daily morning radio news program on DZBB where she delivered stories on the segment Magandang Balita. From 2004 to 2005 she became a segment host called on Love Today, a segment in the evening news program 24 Oras, reporting light hearted news. Her knack at reporting the lighter note of issues landed her her own show in 2004 Lovely Day that runs until now. The show was first co-hosted with Christian Esteban but was later changed and is now joined by much younger stars - Bea Binene, Gabby Roxas and Jacob G. Raterta. In 2004, she also launched her debut self-titled album. The album is jam-packed with novelty songs with a mass favorite "Bumbrr to Bumprr" that talks about traffic. She hosted a show in QTV 11 called Love Life a reality show in which she relives the lives of different Filipinos from 2005 to 2006.

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