Manibela is a four-manned band from Manila, Philippines. With their all-new Pop-alternative/rock music and songs that are light to the ears with lyrics easy to comprehend, they will bring difference in the Philippines’ music scene. Their music is influenced mainly by the likes of Fall Out Boys, Grin Department, Eraserheads, Sandwich and Switchfoot. Manibela is a quartet band composed of Michael “Mickey” Bustamante on vocals and guitars, JR Lucio on guitars as well, Ghe de Leon on bass and Raffy Bonifacio on the drums. Like Manibela, the love for music drives them to pursue their passion and be known through it. Manibela was created just to satisfy the craving for fun and for hang-out with friends. It started out by bunch of high school youngsters who wanted to have something to keep them busy during week-ends and non-school days.

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