From the halls of St. Mary's Academy, Pasay to the big leagues. Started back in October 2000, the five original members of the group had always dreamed of hitting it big. Countless hours in the Vito Cruz's garage crafting their songs, years of dedication, and playing in numerous bar gigs in the metro, they finally were accidentally discovered by Pat Jalbuena of Kerplunk! Studios (see also: Neruda, Angulo) around 2004 when the band played as a replacement for another known act at a bar in Makati. Their first album, "GOOD MOURNINGS," gathered attention after their single "KAI" was included in PULP's WBOB competition back in 2005. The band had realized the extent of the success when they were lined up to play at PULP's Summerslam that same year. They released their five-track EP "Return to Sender" in 2010, with hits "Andromeda," "Suko," etc in tow which enjoyed significant time at UR Radio and Rakista's countdowns. Maryzark had gone through several line up changes over the years but that did not deter their passion to promote their brand of original Filipino music, creating songs that would relate to all generations alike - young and old. The band is due to release their 2nd full length album this year (2017).

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