Formed in May 2013, Masha (inspired by our favorite tennis goddess Maria Sharapova) came to be when guitarists PJ Rodriguez and Weak Domines, along with bassist Chris Mercado and drummer Tobs Tobio started over from their defunct alternative pop band The Finishing Moves. Recruiting chief songwriter and vocalist Alvin Aleria and samples & synths wiz Howie Manalaysay, the band has gone on to play in various venues such as saGuijo, Route 196, Club DREDD, B-Side and Black Kings Bar, dishing out original alternative Pinoy rock infused with elements of electronic music reminiscent of bands like Incubus and The Police. In 2014, Masha, along with 5 other indie acts from the Philippines, was selected to be part of a regional compilation and will be releasing its debut album on November 7, co-produced with Nick Lazaro of MOONWLK & Twin Lobster.

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