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Mom’s Cake has been up and around the music industry since 2004. Started out as the usual trip garage band, playing from different “inumans” and parties, they’ve made their mark as the spontaneous funny guys who can sprout impromptu songs to whatever topic, person or item they picked on. The band got their break from Mr. Ogie Alcasid, signed them under I-Music Philippines, and released a self-titled debut album that was distributed by Universal Records in 2005. They’ve got their fair share of radio airplays coming from requests of their fans who loved their sweet sounding, heart pounding kilig tunes that frantically captured every listener’s hearts.  Although it wasn’t all sugary and sweet for the band, unlike their name suggests. Like a cake that refused to rise despite being made with the exact directions straight from the cookbook, you just know that something just isn’t right. Try as you may to save the cake by putting in decorations, candy flowers and what-nots, all efforts would just be put to waste when the cake will collapse under all that weight. There will be no other way except to just leave it, all moldy and green.

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