What Pinoys Are Looking For In Their OPM Songs

Us, Filipinos value music so much that we already have a set of our own criteria whether the song will be a hit or a miss. Notice how there are some OPM songs that do not make it to the cut and not that well-loved and appreciated by the Pinoys? Artists and composers must know that there are some special things that us, Pinoys, are specifically looking for in our OPM songs. What are those?<br><br><b>1) Famous, Fresh-faced Celebrity<br></b><span>Admit it, what we notice first especially when we are watching an OPM song on the television is the singer, and the song itself only comes second. Pinoys are looking for the famous fresh-faced celebrity that will sing the song for them and make them feel like they are serenaded. Take for example, Daniel Padilla’s <i>“Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat”. </i>It is loved and well-received by the Pinoy masses because Daniel Padilla is the freshest and most famous teen celebrity right now in the Philippines. Imagine the song being sang by an new and upcoming singer, I do not think it would really appeal that much and make it as big as it is compared to Daniel Padilla singing it. We love celebrities so much and we have that cute crushes on them that seeing them just having their adorable faces and moves while singing for us make it impossible for us to resist them! Right?<br><br></span><b>2) Relatable Lyrics<br></b><span>Who have not already sung their hearts out with an OPM song? I guess we all did!&nbsp; We all have our own favorite OPM songs that we will always treasure and have a place in our heart. Most OPM songs that are consistent in the top spot have one thing in common: Pinoys love them and can relate with them. Feeling broken hearted? Cry your heart out while singing the famous karaoke song <i>“Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita?” </i>by Roselle Nava<i> </i>, in love with a friend and afraid of falling even deeper? Belt out the <i>“Paano Na Kaya?” </i>song by Bugoy Drillon, or if you have that special crush on someone who you think is perfect despite of being simple, sing that <i>“Simpleng Tulad Mo” </i>by Daniel Padilla. The thing is, no matter what you are feeling and no matter what your current mood is, there are tons of OPM songs for you!<br><br></span><b>3) Catchy Tunes<br></b><span>I am one of the people who are actually surprised about Maja Salvador’s newest song and album, but I must admit, I love it! It’s catchy tune definitely is a winner for me. Try listening to Maja Salvador’s <i>“Dahan Dahan” </i>in case you still haven’t. We love good catchy and upbeat music every now and then especially while we are on hiatus listening to senti ones. Let us not forget the songs that every generation in the Philippines knows. Bayani Agbayani’s <i>“Ocho, Ocho”, </i>Vhong Navarro’s feel-good novelty song <i>“Pamela One”, </i>and Willie Revillame’s “<i>Boom Tarat Tarat!”. </i>All these are still sang, danced and enjoyed by many Pinoys around the world because of their catchy tunes.<br><br></span><b>Throwback: OPM Bands and Their Songs</b><br>Who says that only an old picture of you can be throwback? OPM Bands and Their Songs also deserve to be throwback! Whether you are a 70s, 80s, 90s or 2000s baby, we can all still feel nostalgic whenever we hear those songs from the past. Here are some OPM Bands and their famous songs that will forever have an impact on us.<br><br><b>Boyfriends</b><span><br>This famous band from the 1970s which consists of Gary Ariola, Bob Guzman, Artie Ilacad and Lloyd Sale will always be a crowd favorite. It’s been decades since their prime year but until now, Pinoys can’t still get over with their songs especially <i>“Sumayaw, Sumunod” </i>– which has also been used as an OST of many Filipino comedy movies. <br></span><br><b>Cinderella</b><span><br>I personally think that no matter how old you are, it is not possible that you do not know the tune of <i>“Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy” </i>and the lovely lovely and sentimental song <i>“T.L. Ako Sa’yo”. </i>Though I was not born in the time of their prominence, I am still in love and I still appreciate these songs from Cinderella. Unfortunately, Yolly Samson, their vocalist died from brain cancer 17 years ago, making it hard for the Cinderella to replicate those OPM hits they had. That is okay, though, their songs are enough to have a part in our heart.<br></span><br><b>Hotdog</b><span><br>This band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia surely made every disco-goers in the 70s to dance in their famous hits such as <i>“Annie Batungbakal” </i>and <i>“Bongga Ka, Day!”. </i>I still remember seeing many versions of choreography with these songs. Truly, they touched and caught the Pinoy hearts and they surely know our <i>kiliti </i>when it comes to OPM hits by having a plain lyrics but accompanied with a great melody and catchy tune. <br></span><br><b>Apo Hiking Society</b><span><br>Aaaaahh, the good ‘ol times! Notably known for the lovely and fun trio composed of Jim Paredes, Danny Javier and Boboy Garavillo, this band proved to us that they are not only the best song-wise but also appeal-wise. <i>“Batang Bata Ka Pa”, “Syotang Pa-class” </i>and <i>“Doo Bi Doo” </i>are just some of the songs that we are still enjoying even up to now. Luckily, this trio appears and sings their songs live on national TV every once in a while. <br></span><br><b>Parokya ni Edgar</b><span><br>I know that this band is not that throwback-material as they are still very very active even up until now but admit it, we miss their late 90s songs like <i>“Buloy”, </i>&nbsp;<i>“Picha Pie” </i>and that sentimental and heartwarming song – with a great guitar solo, mind you – <i>“Halaga”. </i>We are indeed so lucky that Parokya ni Edgar is still making new songs that will indeed be enjoyed by Pinoys again. <br></span><br><b>Hale, Imago, Spongecola, Callalily, Silent Sanctuary<br></b><span>Fast forward to mid-2000s, these boy bands with cute members who can sing and play guitar became a hit again. Hale’s <i>“The Day You Said Goodnight”, </i>Imago’s <i>“Taralets!”, </i>Spongecola’s <i>“Tuliro”, </i>Callalily’s <i>“Magbalik” </i>and Silent Sanctuary <i>“Ikaw Lamang” </i>were the songs that accompanied us through our good and rough times and we’re glad to have them.<br></span><br><b>Transition: Classic Song Hits to Online Song Hits<br></b><span>I do not know about you but when I was in elementary and high school, when I had enough savings for a week from my 10 peso a day <i>baon, </i>the greatest reward for me is a song hit. I am a 90s kid so, yes, these song hits were truly my guilty pleasure. Whenever I did good in a test, I would always ask my mother to buy me couple of song hits and I know that I am not alone with this obsession as most people my age are clearly in love with these little booklets.<br></span><br><i>What is a song hit?<br></i><br>The only reasons why you would not know what a song hits is if 1) You are not a Filipino 2) You are a Filipino but not living in the Philippines for the longest time 3) If you are born later than mid-2000s. These song hits are the bomb. Basically, it’s a magazine-type booklet with hundreds of lyrics of the current top songs. Some song hits companies release new copies every month and some, every week. They say that ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ but the battle in these little babies is the one with the best cover celebrity. I remember getting a song hits with Jolina Magdangal as its cover and people are going gaga over these in the bookstores. I may or may have not cried just to get myself this always sold out edition of song hits.<br><br><i>Reasons why song hits are the best thing ever<br></i><br>Remember that the prime of these song booklets, there were still no Internet or not all Filipinos could afford to get one. Song hits are the life saver when you have been hearing an amazing song and want to sing along with it. Not only does it show you the lyrics of the songs but also the guitar chords. It depends on the publisher but sometimes, there are surprise posters of singers or bands inside the song hits. Oh! The joy of finding one! Some publishers also put celebrity or singer’s trivia inside plus some crosswords. When I began collecting song hits, it costs around 20 pesos plus that time. It might be pricey for a kid like me but the joy it brought me is surely priceless. Unfortunately, I was not born yet when the ‘Jingle’ song magazine was on its prime but my father collected a lot of those and it is fun seeing vintage song magazines.<br><br><i>The transition<br></i><br>Fortunately, Internet rose to prominence. We were renting computer at Internet cafes to search for some lyrics until it became a need to every Pinoy household to have an Internet connection. Searching lyrics is a breeze as there is no need to buy song hits. Just type in the song title in the search bar and voila! You have the lyrics. Yes, it’s fun and convenient but deep in my heart, those things would not compare to my joy smelling a new song magazine. Luckily, National Bookstore still sells some. The last time I was there, I saw song magazines from the publisher “Top 40”. I’d better get my hands in one of those!<br><br>We are blessed because there are many OPM websites that caters to bring us the top hits. is the most updated OPM website where you can view the lyrics but also play the OPM song that you desire.<br>

Ylona Garcia: singer, actress... Movie director?

It was a fun-filled episode of Wander Jam with Migz, this week, as our host Migz Haleco was joined by the spunky and talented Ylona Garcia!<br><br>The two hopped on the Wander Van with their magic guitar&nbsp;and jammed to a few tunes as they made their way to Snacks and Ladders.&nbsp;After a few laughs, they started discussing Ylona's plans for the future. First up: a second album.<br><span><br>“My second album would be me basically [kind of] venturing into the next chapter of who I’m becoming as an artist and as a person.” the singer said. When asked who she would like to collaborate with on the new album, Ylona listed KZ Tandingan, John Roa, James Reid, Sam Concepcion, Inigo Pascual, her former group called Oh My Girls, and Yeng Constantino.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>But being the big dreamer that she is, Ylona also shared&nbsp;her plans in other aspects of ther career. “As an artist, I’ve always wanted to have my own movie, and I’ve always wanted to do an action movie—and a horror film!” she said.<br></span><span><br>Ylona even hinted at her interest in becoming a film director when she shared her experience at directing an episode of the recently concluded&nbsp;telenovela, "Sana Dalawa ang Puso,” where she starred alongside Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap, and Robin Padilla.<br></span><span><br>Listen to her recount the experience on the full episode of&nbsp;Wander Jam with Migz&nbsp;here:<br><a href="" target="" rel=""></a><br><br>Source:&nbsp;</span><code></code>

Avril Lavigne makes emotional comeback after 5 years with "Head Above Water"

Heads up sk8er bois and sk8er girls because Avril Lavigne is back and better than ever! After 5 long years years, the French-Canadian singer has finally released a brand new single titled "Head Above Water," which details her physical and emotional battle with Lyme disease.<br><br>Her newest single shows Lavigne at&nbsp;her most vulnerable, but also at her most determined. She sings&nbsp;"Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for / Can’t part the sea / Can’t reach the shore / And my voice becomes the driving force / I won’t let this pull me overboard," proving to her listeners that she's still here, still fighting, and stronger than ever.<br><span><br>While there's no official release date for her upcoming sixth full-length album, watch the lyrics video of her comeback single "Head Over Water".<br><br>Source:&nbsp;</span><code></code>

Family: Rapper Mac Miller has died at age 26

LOS ANGELES - Mac Miller, the platinum hip-hop star whose rhymes vacillated from party raps to lyrics about depression and drug use, and earned kudos from the likes of Jay-Z and Chance the Rapper, has died at the age of 26.His family said in a statement that Miller died Friday but gave no further details. "He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans," the statement said.Miller, who also drew headlines for his two-year relationship with singer Ariana Grande that ended earlier this year, apparently died in Los Angeles.<br><br>Los Angeles police said they responded to a report of a deceased person at a home on the same block where Miller is listed as a resident, and had turned the case over to the coroner's office. The coroner's office said it did not have any details it could release.Police lines were pulled up and a coroner's van left the cul-de-sac late Friday afternoon. About 10 news vans remained. Another rapper, Pittsburgh Slim, appeared and left flowers in front of Miller's house.<br><br>While Miller didn't have a hit on Top 40 radio, he had a strong following on streaming networks and even had an album debut at No. 1 on the top 200 albums chart. He often alluded to his battles with addiction over the years and had collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla $ign.He released his fifth, full-length album "Swimming" last month, with Variety calling it "a simple, stately, poetic autobiography." Rolling Stone called it "silky, deep vibe redolent of the L.A. alternative soul scene."<br><br>New Musical Express said it was "his best work in years."The album included the song "Come Back to Earth," with Miller trying to chart his way through tough times: "In my own way, I feel like living some alternate reality/And I was drowning, but now I'm swimming through stressful waters to relief."He was due to start a tour at the end of next month that he promised would be special every night. On Thursday he tweeted: "I just wanna go on tour."At the news of his death, Chance the Rapper tweeted: "I don't know what to say Mac Miller took me on my second tour ever. But beyond helping me launch my career he was one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. Great man. I loved him for real. I'm completely broken. God bless him."J Cole said on Twitter: "This is a message for anybody in this game that's going through something. If you don't feel right, if you feel you have a substance problem, if you need a ear to vent to. If you uncomfortable talking to people around you. Please reach out to me."Miller and Grande collaborated on her first top 10 hit, the multiplatinum,<br><br>"The Way," which propelled her from teen TV stardom to pop star, and they dated for two years before their relationship ended in May. She later called it a "toxic" relationship on Twitter. Not long after he was charged with DUI and hit and run after police said he struck a power pole and fled the scene. His blood alcohol was reportedly twice the legal limit."I made a stupid mistake. I'm a human being," Miller told Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music in July. "But it was the best thing that could have happened. Best thing that could have happened. I needed that. I needed to run into that light pole and literally have the whole thing stop."The Pittsburgh native, born Malcolm McCormick, rose to fame with a frat-rap attitude in his mixtapes like "Best Day Ever" and his full-length album debut, 2011's "Blue Slide Park." His more goofy songs included "Nikes on My Feet," ''Kool Aid &amp; Frozen Pizza" and "Knock Knock."One of his biggest songs was the 2011 platinum-certified mixtape track "Donald Trump," which prompted a feud with the future president. He asked his fans not to vote for Trump, who was flirting with the idea of running for president then, and publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.In 2013, his sophomore effort, "Watching Movies with the Sound Off," entered the Billboard 200 at No. 3. Miller sold more than 100,000 copies of the woozy, moody album, which features appearances or production work from Diplo, Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Electronica and Action Bronson. He also landed a reality series, "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family," in 2013, which ran for two seasons on MTV2.Miller told The Associated Press that year that the album's depth and quality reflected two years of warp-speed development, his move from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles and just how serious he was about the craft.<br><br>"There was always a lot more to me than what people wanted to say, that's the only thing that ever bothered me," Miller said.His 2016 release "The Divine Feminine" had contributions from Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Cee-Lo Green and Grande. Pitchfork magazine called it "the most surprising, concise, and accomplished album of his career."Miller's label, Warner Bros., released a statement calling him "a hugely gifted and inspiring artist, with a pioneering spirit and a sense of humor that touched everyone he met. Mac's death is a devastating loss and cuts short a life and a talent of huge potential, where the possibilities felt limitless."<br><span><br>Source:&nbsp;</span><a href="" target="" rel=""></a><br>

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